Motivation made to order

Add some energy to your events with an inspiring workshop or speech.

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Train with me.

Looking for the full premium experience or just a one-off personal training session?
You’ll find it right here.

Online Training

What’s in it for you?
Learn the basics
Correct any mistakes
Get fit and burn fat
Do it anywhere

Motivational Coaching

What’s in it for you?
Get back on track
24/7 Accountability partner
4-week training plan
Weekly check-ins

Personal Training

What’s in it for you?
Personalised workout to
suit your fitness level
Do it at home
Effective bodyweight exercises

Work with me.

Goal-setting, habit forming and staying on track are topics which are unfortunately rarely discussed despite their importance in our everyday life. The Master Your Mind motivational workshops look to fill this gap and offer people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Motivational Speaking for Events

What’s in it for you?
Add inspiraton and energy to your event
Motivational story
Important takeaways

Master Your Mind

What’s in it for you?
Unique opportunity for reflection
Valuable knowledge exchange
Learn how to minimise bad habits and maximise good ones

Motivational Workshops
for Schools

What’s in it for you?
Help students to set their own goals
Gain a better understanding of how to be healthy
Find out how to make sport fun and accessible

About me

I haven’t always been such an active person. At 17 years old I weighed in at 110kg, spending too much time snacking and playing computer games. A year later I started university and was intent on getting fit but just a few months in I had a major setback…