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I use the experience and expertise I’ve garnered during my rollercoaster journey to be able to better empathise with people’s situations and offer them the necessary support they need to reach their biggest goals!

Simon is a great coach with a very holistic view on the topics of fitness, perseverance, and progress. Being part of his program really helped me to level up my fitness Read More

Ich habe Simon Ende Oktober bei einem Workshop am Hochkar kennengelernt. Als er erzählte, wie er Menschen beim Fit-werden und Abnehmen begleitet, Read More

I took Simon’s trainer + training package. Simon has helped kick start my new routine by giving me a tailored workout plan after consultation. I get daily videos to follow Read More

Simon ist eine Bereicherung für jede Ausgangsposition! Ich bin selbst sehr sportlich und wollte ein bisschen Abwechslung haben, die mich wieder completely on track bringt. Read More

Success Stories

Dank der Vorrausicht meiner Frau, starteten Simon und ich im Sommer 2021 unseren gemeinsamen Trainingsplan. Sport war für mich immer ein zentraler Read More

I contacted Simon because after 2 kids and a pandemic I was out of shape and didn’t know where to start. I needed an extra push. Simon listens to your needs and delivered Read More

Ich mache seit Sommer 2018 Workouts mit Simon – in Gruppen, online/live und über YouTube. Er ist immer gut vorbereitet, offen für individuelle Bedürfnisse Read More

I started working out with Simon in December 2021. It has not been that long ago, but I really love working together with him. The sessions are not about making me do standardised Read More

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Intermittent Fasting 101

The WHAT: In its essence, intermittent fasting allows us to diverge from the classic three-meal-a-day lifestyle and eat in a way which our hunter gatherer ancestors

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