Are you finding it hard to stay on track with your health and fitness?

Finding it tough to stick to a healthy routine?

I help busy people achieve the best version of themselves. Lets have a quick chat free of charge and find out how I can help you, too!

Accountability Partner Support!

Accountability Partner Support!

Do you feel overwhelmed with your work/life balance? 

Get back on track with the accountability partner plan!

What's included?
- consultation
- motivational support
- personalised workout plan
- nutritional advice

Simon is a great coach with a very holistic view on the topics of fitness, perseverance, and progress. Being part of his program really helped me to level up my fitness Read More

Ich habe Simon Ende Oktober bei einem Workshop am Hochkar kennengelernt. Als er erzählte, wie er Menschen beim Fit-werden und Abnehmen begleitet, Read More

I took Simon’s trainer + training package. Simon has helped kick start my new routine by giving me a tailored workout plan after consultation. I get daily videos to follow Read More

Simon ist eine Bereicherung für jede Ausgangsposition! Ich bin selbst sehr sportlich und wollte ein bisschen Abwechslung haben, die mich wieder completely on track bringt. Read More

Success Stories:

My Story

During my teenage years I not only ate too much junk food, but also spent too much time in front of the computer. This meant that by the time I was 17 years old I was weighing in at 110kg (17 stone). I felt uncomfortable in my body and running was one of the last things I wanted to do.

During a ski trip in March 2006, I slipped attempting to do a jump and ended up fracturing two vertebrae in the process. I spent a week in hospital while they built an upper-body cast for me, which I had to wear for the next four months to ensure my back would heal fully. This was both a painful and depressing time, as I thought that having such a serious injury must mean it was game over for me.

Fortunately though, I started taking one small step after the next, literally.

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