Consistency has helped Sagi to exceed his expectations!

After a long period of inactivity due to the pandemic and the dreadful lockdowns, which resulted in me gaining weight, i decided to take action and contact Simon. I knew Simon before and have been following him on social media. From start to finish, everything about Simon’s program was professional and well thought through. We first had an introduction meeting to review my goals and better personalise the program to my needs. Then in each workout we had i learned new stretches and new workouts and developed a workout routine which i can apply on my own. In between sessions Simon made sure to check up on my progress, remind me of my goals and push me further. The program definitely exceeded my expectations as it helped me change several negative habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. What i loved about Simon’s program is that workouts are only one element of it, and that there’s equal focus on your sleep, your diet and other important factors which are often neglected. I plan to continue the program further and perhaps set even more ambitious goals and i’m sure with Simon i can get there! Sagi, 37

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